How To Increase Your Sex Drive

The stress of our lives can often negatively impact our relationships and our sex drive. This post explains how to increase your sex drive naturally so you and your partner can feel connected and passionate about your bedroom antics.

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How to Increase Your Sex Drive

How to Increase Your Sex Drive 

We all love sex but sometimes our libidos can drop and our partners wanting to be intimate with us might send us running for the hills. Despite what you might think when you’re laying there at night wondering if you’re normal (you are!), a dip in your sex drive is a completely normal thing to happen. For the most part, it can be because of stress or fatigue, but if you are worried about your or your partner’s sex drive, it might be best to consult a medical professional.

These are natural steps you can take to help increase your sex drive.


The More Sex You Have The More You Want

Laziness breeds laziness and activity breeds activity. Being active in bed is like food, they say – the more you do it, the more you want to do it. The more orgasms you experience, the higher your sex drive becomes as you seek to chase the pleasure you felt.

The next time you feel in that sexy mood and want to engage sexually with your partner, just initiate it. 9/10 times the answer from your partner will be a yes. You know.. unless you’re in the middle of their aunt Joans wake.

How to Increase Your Sex Drive


Keep Your Hormones in Check

Your hormones affect your mood and mental well-being enormously. What you eat, if you exercise, and how much sleep you get are all things that can help your hormones sky-rocket your sex drive, or help it plummet to the ground with a not-so-sexual splash. Things like birth control and other medications also impact how our hormones work and could be a reason for your low sex drive. Eating a balanced diet, getting some exercise (in and out of bed), and getting enough shut-eye will all stand to you when trying to increase your libido naturally.


How to Increase Your Sex Drive


Spend Quality Time Together ( & Alone!)

It’s no wonder couple holidays are so popular. People’s lives are busy and it can be hard to make time for your other half when you have other commitments such as work, kids, and a house to manage. To feel that spark of sexual desire you need to spend quality time together. This might mean taking a trip away every now or then or having a date night where you spend the evening together and shut the rest of the world outside.

It’s also important for you to know what makes you tick. Spend some quality time alone with yourself and get to know your body and the way you like to be touched. Grab a toy and explore your body.


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