Why You Should Visit a Swingers Club

Why You Should Visit a Swingers Club

Here are our top reasons why you should visit a swingers club. Honestly, swingers clubs are just like normal vanilla nightclubs, but better. The clientele at swingers clubs is generally more respectful and open-minded compared to the people you meet in vanilla nightclubs.

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Why You Should Visit a Swingers Club




I attribute this to the fact that phones aren’t allowed inside the club. No one is sitting at the bar staring at their Candy Crush game. When you remove phones from the equation, people actually reach out to each other and engage in conversations involving talking and engaged listening. Part of the friendly atmosphere might be a desire to see people naked, but I don’t think my phone idea is too off base here.

Lifestyle clubs aim for a no-pressure atmosphere. In a lifestyle club, women take the lead. Women are the ones who make the first move, often on other women, and women are generally the ones who decide when playtime starts. Most clubs even limit or exclude single men from increasing the comfort level of the female clientele. Anyone in a lifestyle club who is pushy or rude will be asked to leave by the management. 

Some people attend lifestyle events and clubs just for the awesome, sex-positive vibes and never engage in any playtime. That sort of thing is totally acceptable.

Couples typically make their own rules before attending a club. Some couples identify as soft swap and others identify as hard swap. If that’s your jam, just be sure to define what is and is not allowed. Once your rules are defined, stick to them.


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