Why Vulnerability Is So Important In Relationships

Why Vulnerability Is So Important In Relationships

Vulnerability is so important in relationships as it allows you to develop stronger and more fulfilling connections with those you love. Many of us view vulnerability as a bad thing, a weakness we try to avoid to prevent us from getting hurt.

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Why Vulnerability Is So Important In Relationships



Why Vulnerability Is So Important In Relationships

Being vulnerable means opening up to your partner and surrendering some of the control you have over how they see you, potentially compromising the image they have of you. People fear getting hurt, showing their true selves, warts and all, to their partners. Keeping parts of yourself hidden from your partner will only lead to feelings of disconnection. 

There are many reasons why people may refuse to open up and be vulnerable. Pain from past relationships can influence how much of ourselves we show our current partners. Whether you were open and vulnerable and not accepted, or if the relationship didn’t work for other reasons, it’s very easy to blame yourself for not being loveable. Remember you are loveable.

You need to remember that whatever happens, you can handle it. The fear of getting our hearts broken makes us want to flee, but remember your heart has probably been broken in the past, and you survived. Vulnerability is so important in relationships because without it, you are dooming the relationship from the start.


How To Be More Vulnerable in Your Relationships

Being vulnerable, just like effective communication, is a skill we can learn with practice and patience. Self-acceptance is key to allowing yourself to open up and be vulnerable with your partner. When you are comfortable with who you are as a person and know that life is just a range of experiences that help you grow, you will have less fear of heartbreak.

By closing yourself off to those you love and denying vulnerability in your relationship, you are already hurting yourself. Stating your needs to your partner, which is allowing yourself to be vulnerable, is so important for the healthy development of trust and communication within your relationship. By stating your needs, you are allowing your partner to fulfill them.

Communicating your emotions with your partner is the right path to vulnerability. You feel how you feel for particular reasons, and not openly discussing these emotions with your partner will be detrimental to your relationship. Remember, you show others that you control your emotions and accept yourself by opening up.


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