Why Swinging is Perfect for Bi-curious Women

What happens when you’re middle-aged and married, but have started to become a little bi-curious? This post is all about why swinging is perfect for bi-curious women who want to explore their sexuality along with their partner.

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Why Swinging is Perfect for Bi-Curious Women





Why Swinging is Perfect for Bi-Curious Women

In today’s age, I think most people will agree with me when I say that sexuality is not black and white. Sexuality is a spectrum. Some people may not even realize they have sexual inclinations towards the same sex until halfway through their lives. So, what happens when you’re middle-aged and married but have started to become a little bi-curious? 

This is when the idea of swinging may seem a little softer (especially to women). If your partner is curious about the swinging lifestyle and would like to try, then it is the perfect community to explore your own sexuality without the guilt of going behind your partner’s back, which is of course… cheating!

We have already discussed how swinging and open relationships, in general, are different from cheating. When you do these things as a couple or with your partner’s blessing, it just becomes consensual non-monogamy. You can also dive into the world of swinging if you are a single female curious about your sexuality. As one female swinger has said in a previous post:

“As a single female, I’d so go for it.  Do your research, chat with people online first. Yes, it’s bloody scary but after you’ve done it the first time, you realize people into that lifestyle are the most genuine, honest, and safe people you’ll meet. You won’t be alone for long.”


How Will Swinging Help you Explore Your Sexuality?


Many female swingers will sexually engage with other women during a steamy swinger session. This is why it is perfect for women wanting to explore their sexuality. You can play and explore without hurting feelings or giving people the wrong idea. Not all women will want to play with other women and would prefer to just partner swap or soft swap, but you would be surprised at how many women enjoy the swinging experience because it means they can enhance their sex life by including both men and women.


Swinging is perfect for bi-curious women is because if you have a sexual experience with another women while swinging and discover that it’s not for you, nobody’s feelings will get hurt. Most women arent swinging just to play with other woman anyway, so chances are they will understand that you are curious and not be offended if in future you decide to skip the girl-on-girl action.

Remeber to communicate effectively with your partner, take it slow, and enjoy yourself.


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