Why open relationships are becoming more mainstream

Why Open Relationships Are Becoming More Mainstream

Open relationships are becoming more mainstream these days as the benefits of opening up your relationship seems to grow. Couples who have an open relationship, whether Polyamorous or a member of the Lifestyle, have better communication and trust in their open relationships. 

Couples tend to discuss opening their relationship when they want to stay together but understand their partners cannot help satisfy all their needs. Not just sexual needs, but emotional and mental needs too. It’s important to know that there are different types of open relationships for you and your partner to discuss and see which one suits your specific situation and relationship.

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Why open relationships are becoming more mainstream

Why Open Relationships Are Becoming More Mainstream

So, what are the reasons open relationships are becoming more mainstream? Well, as I’ve said previously, couples are increasingly finding that not all of their needs are being met in their relationship with no lack of trying from their partners. 

For example, a couple might decide to try Polyamory (which is having an emotional or sexual relationship, or both, with more than one person with the consent of all parties) if one of them travels a lot for work and is away for extended periods of time. Another example would be a couple looking to shake up their sex lives or having sexual issues but not from a lack of love. They may discuss attending a swinger club or resort and seeing how the Lifestyle would suit them.

Another reason why open relationships are becoming more mainstream is that it relinquishes “ownership”  of your partner. As a result, couples find that their communication, trust, and emotional intimacy grow stronger when they embark on the open relationship journey. This is because they stop seeing their partner as something they own, but someone they love and enjoy.

Boundaries are essential for any kind of open relationship to succeed. However, getting your friends involved can add unnecessary complications to your current situation. For instance, mutual friends are probably going to be a no-no. Maybe you don’t want your partner spending time with your coworkers or their exes either. All of these are valid and should be discussed in full detail before opening up your relationship.



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