Where to Bring Swingers on a Date

Where to Bring Swingers on a Date

In this post, we will be discussing where to bring swingers on a date. When meeting a swinger couple or single for the first time, it’s not going to be jumping into bed together straight away. No, you have to actually meet them and decide if you like them first. You and your primary partner will have to see if they suit your situation, and then you can start thinking about undressing them!

So where to bring swingers on a date? We have written a post before talking about your place or theirs when engaging in your first sexual swinging experience. This article will focus mainly on before you get to that point. Should you go out for dinner? Meet for coffee? Or attend a sports game together?

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Where to Bring Swingers on a Date


Where to Bring Swingers on a Date

Where you’re going to meet is almost as important as whom you’re going to meet. The most important thing to remember when deciding on a place for a date is no time commitments.  This means you want to take them somewhere where if you have to leave, you can do so immediately. For example, if you go out to dinner with someone and you decide they’re not a good fit for your swinging situation, you’re still pretty much stuck there until the food arrives and you both eat.

Hotel Bar

This is a good choice because it’s a neutral yet classy location. Hotel bars are less busy than regular bars so it is suitable for a classy low-key date. Remember the most important rule: no time commitments. The hotel bar is great because you can always leave after your drink.

The other thing about a hotel bar is that you’re already at a hotel. If you decide you want to move things upstairs, you couldn’t be any closer. We’ll talk more about venues for closing the deal in our guide to your place, their place, or a hotel.

Coffee Date

Another excellent location to bring a swinger couple or single on a date is going for coffee. This is actually our recommendation for ALL first dates and here’s why. It’s just coffee, right? It can take out a lot of the nerves for couples meeting other swinger couples for the first time.

Like the hotel bar, if you decide this couple or single just isn’t for you, call it a day after the coffee. If you wanted first to meet up and see if you’re compatible as friends before moving to a more intimate conversation, a coffee bar is an excellent place for that.


If you and the other couple or single you’re meeting share similar interests, it might be a good idea to go to a museum or a walk the beach together if it’s something you will all enjoy.


A Museum

If you’re interested in art, history, or science, there are plenty of museums dedicated to these things around most cities. It can be perfect for a first swinger date as you get to walk around talking and looking at the stuff – so there’s no pressure to be the most exciting thing in the room.


Go for a Walk

Another great place to have your first date is by taking a walk on a beach or through a park. Like the above examples, this location also has no time commitments. You can get to know the other couple by chatting and taking in the beauty of the environment around you. 


The most important thing is to draw from your interests and those of your dates. If you do that, at least one of you will have something to talk about instead of devolving into awkward small talk about the weather.


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