what not to do at a swingers club

Single Guys – What Not To Do At A Swingers Club

This is for you swingle guys out there who want to attend a swingers club. Many clubs allow both single females and males into their clubs to mix with the swinger couples who also attend. Many men curious about trying out swinging may want to go to the club but don’t know what to expect or what is allowed. This article will explain what NOT to do at a swingers club.

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what not to do at a swingers club

What Not To Do At A Swingers Club

First of all, don’t be that stalker, creepy guy. Don’t go around the club hitting on all the hotwives and single ladies. Don’t try and push yourself into a scenario. It can be a little unnerving for the couple, especially if they are new to the club.  It’s all about learning what is allowed in the club and what kind of behavior is tolerated. If you’re at the club and a guy is not behaving appropriately, ask them to stop following you around or ask them to give you some privacy. If they ignore this, get the security and say bye-bye!

No Touching Without Asking

Don’t touch without consent first. In fact, don’t touch or watch without asking. This comes to communicating. It’s easier to play with another couple if you talk about it beforehand, or depending on the room, ask before joining in. 9/10 times if you jump in without asking, you’ll be told no. If you’re not interested in a certain dynamic be open about it for everyone to be on the same page.

Not Everyone There Wants To Have Sex With You 

There’s a misconception that everyone in the club wants to have sex with you if you’re in a swingers club. That’s not the case. You’re still dealing with a level of decorum. Some couples are interested in inviting a single man to play. Getting to know the couple more, and including both partners, man, and woman in conversation will make your chances of being involved with them much higher. Try to look your best! Many swinger clubs really are upscale environments. Don’t turn up in grubby clothes with your hair a mess. Make sure you’re showered and dressed nicely


If you plan on going, get on the club’s website first and see if they have a dress code and other rules they have before attending. 


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