Visit to a Swings Club

Visit to a Swingers Club Cured My Premature Ejaculation Problem

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My Visit to a Swingers Club Cured My Premature Ejaculation

My first visit to a swingers club cured my premature ejaculation and gave me confidence around women I never knew I had. It was life-changing for me. 

At the age of 27, I was still technically a virgin. Naturally, I had masturbated, but I had little experience with girls and never had penetrative sex. My experience in college with petting and necking was terrible. I would often get so aroused too soon and blow my load during the petting phase. I didn’t date much.

I did a lot of online chatting with swinger couples and romantic-fluid people. One evening I began chatting with a hot wife of 49 years of age. After confiding in her about my problems, she invited me to join her and her swinger husband. They were attending a swingers pool party. I was nervous but knew that a visit to a swingers club would be very erotic.

They were already there when I arrived at the hotel. She greeted me and introduced me to the other women she was sitting with. I went to change into my swim trunks and took a seat next to the lounging ladies. The poolside scene was unbelievably erotic, with dozens of half-naked romantic-fluid people fondling each other.


Brought My Penis Back to Life

Visit to a Swingers Club

Visit a Swingers Club

I could feel the tent pole in my pants growing as I looked in awe at the swinger couples. The ladies started to giggle. Their husbands didn’t get such fast hard-ons anymore, they said. My internet friend asked me to put some lotion on her and dropped her bikini top to expose her breasts. Happy to oblige, I started to caress her breasts with the cream. She began to breathe heavily, and I could hear satisfied murmurs from the other women. They dropped their bikinis to me and welcomed my hands.

As I leaned forward to apply oil to the underneath sides of their breasts, my internet friend’s fingers found their way up the leg of my swim trunks and made contact with my penis. “Better hurry up and touch this with me,” she whispered to her friend, “he probably won’t last long.”

Life-Changing Experience

Suddenly two hands were touching my penis. They were gently touching and probing without making any rapid movements. But the excitement of their touch was more than I could stand, and after just a few seconds, I literally exploded, pumping cum into the crotch of my swimming trunks. 

I apologized to my friend, but she reassured me that they had both expected it. Then they led me to her room where her husband was and took me into the shower, where all of us washed at the same time. In the shower, they were touching each other, and the excitement of it brought my penis back to life. 

I Lasted 30 Minutes

She led the three of us, naked and wet, to one of the beds in her room, where we spent the next hour touching and each other. They both had orgasms while her husband watched, and as they climaxed, I had two more. When we were done and exhausted, her husband stood up next to our bed and masturbated, finally cumming all over his wife.

That evening after my fourth orgasm, we masturbated each other before going to sleep, and I lasted almost 30 minutes.


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