Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

Having expectations for a healthy relationship is normal. However, it’s important to remember that having unrealistic relationship expectations will only make you and your partner suffer.

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unrealistic relationship expectations


Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

By recognizing and understanding unrealistic relationship expectations, we can improve our own mental well-being and that of the relationship. It’s almost impossible to not have any expectations of the other person in a relationship, or how the relationship should go. But it would serve us well to remember that we are only human and putting unrealistic expectations on our relationships will only lead us down the path of resentment.


A healthy relationship has no arguments or disagreements

Having an argument or disagreeing with your partner should not, and does not have to break your relationship and send you running for the hills. Learning effective communication and conflict resolution skills is the key to coming out of an argument in a stronger relationship position. Disagreements help us understand our partner’s boundaries more, and with a little understanding and empathy, can strengthen the connection of the relationship and help you tackle further arguments in the future.


They will never notice anyone else 

My father once told me that it was okay to look at the menu, as long as you eat at home. Although some people might disagree with this, it helped me in my relationships to understand that just because my partner might be attracted to another person, it doesn’t mean that they never loved me and will leave at the first opportunity. Getting upset at the fact that your partner is human and will find other people attractive will show them that there’s little trust between you. You can’t make anyone stay in a relationship if they intend to leave, but understanding this and knowing your own worth will help with any insecurities you may feel if you see your partner take a second glance at the pretty blonde at the bar.


Everything will always be perfect

Ha! Life will ensure that this is not the case. Nothing and nobody is perfect, so it’s quite silly to assume your relationship should be. There will be days where you feel like you’re out of sync with each other, and that’s ok. Talking to one another when you feel there’s an issue will prevent a massive explosion of emotional turmoil from hammering any nails into the coffin of your love.


They will always be romantic and spontaneous 

We have to recognize that we should not be our partners “everything”. They will have other obligations in life apart from making us happy. Expecting your partner to be romantic and spontaneous all of the time is exhausting for all involved. Life gets in the way. Work, friends, families, etc., are things we all have to deal with as well as our romantic lives.


They will always be supportive of my choices

We are all different and hold different values. Yes, when in a relationship with someone, those values should overlap to ensure the relationship isn’t in total chaos, but there will be times when your partner does not support your decisions. It’s understandable to get upset when situations like this occur, but if you expect them to support your actions while it goes against their beliefs and values, it will only push them away as they will feel like they will have to sacrifice their core values to make you happy. If this is a regular occurrence in the relationship, it might be time to have a sit-down and see whether this union is the best for both of you and whether you actually see a future together,


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