Understanding Hotwifing and Cuckolding in Swinigng

Understanding Hotwifing and Cuckolding in Swinging

Understanding hotwifing and cuckolding in swinging is important before you set out on your swinging journey. We have touched base with these terms before but in today’s article, we will be delving a little deeper into understanding hotwifing and cuckolding in swinging.

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Understanding Hotwifing and Cuckolding in Swinigng


Understanding Hotwifing and Cuckolding in Swinging

If you already enjoy an active hotwife lifestyle, you probably know something about cuckolding. If you’re not involved in the swinging lifestyle, you might be a little confused about one or both of these terms.

But before moving on, there’s something else we should clarify, the definitions of a hotwife, cuckold, and bull.

Hotwife: (Usually) a married woman who has sex outside of her marriage with her husband’s consent. She’s also sometimes called a hotwife, cuckoldress, sex wife, or shared wife.

Cuckold: The husband of a hotwife that gains pleasure from having his wife have sex with other men. Not all hotwife husbands are cuckolds, just the husbands that also enjoy a certain level of being humiliated or submissive.

Bull: The man the hotwife has sex outside her marriage. He’s not her primary partner and usually only for a physical connection free of emotional attachment. It is common for some bulls to participate in a cuckold’s humiliation.

What Is Hotwifing?

Hotwifing is a non-monogamous lifestyle term. A married woman has sexual relationships outside her marriage with her husband’s consent and often with his encouragement. It differs from cheating because it’s consensual and there is no trust being broken. 

A hotwife enjoys having other men’s attention and flirting with them even if her husband is present. Often the husband of a hotwife takes great pleasure knowing others find their partner sexy & attractive. 

What Is Cuckolding?

This is very similar to hotwifing. The husband derives pleasure from knowing his wife is involved in sexual relationships outside of marriage. But why would any husband in his right mind want that?

In cuckolding, the husband doesn’t mind being humiliated and degraded by his wife and lover. Because he sees himself as inferior to the bull. In contrast, for many other hotwife relationships, the husband likes to retain the alpha male status in the connection.

A cuckold may watch his wife from a video camera or stay in the closet while there’s another man in the bedroom with her. These men may even prepare their wives for dates by shaving their legs, picking her underwear, a sexy outfit, making hotel reservations, and buying condoms for her.

Some men wait for her to return the following day and listen to the details she brings.


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