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The Swingers Symbol – Why Do Swingers Need a Symbol?

The Swingers Symbol – Why do swingers need a symbol? ​Symbols are used by many cultures and communities to create links and unity. We have already discussed the Swinger Symbol in detail in a post you can read here. In this article, we will be discussing why swingers need a symbol.

What’s the Meaning of the Swingers Symbol?

Swingers Swymbol


Why Does the Swingers community Need a Symbol?

Unlike the LGBTQ+ Community who adopted the rainbow flag already decades ago, the BDSM Community adopted the triskele and the o-ring, the polyamory Community, the infinity heart, and so on – the Swinger Community did not adopt any universal symbol or common sign yet to identify each other.  

Symbols are used by many cultures and communities to create links, relationships, and unity. Community Symbols connect groups of people with the same interest and lifestyles.

Some may feel uncomfortable wearing a dedicated symbol in public and want to keep their kinky lifestyle as secret as possible. Others don’t care to wear a specific sign anywhere and speak loud about their deepest fantasies with anybody, even with their friends, family, and colleagues. But there is also a middle way: Imagine you are traveling, you go to a beach (nudist or not), and you are looking for a lovely couple to spend time in the evening, but you don’t know who is in the lifestyle.

You probably won’t ask each couple to find out if they’re swingers. You probably would feel awkward. But imagine if all swinger couples would wear a swinger symbol or sign, wouldn’t that make life much easier? Of course, if you are only meeting in swinger clubs, you know they are at least curious about the lifestyle, but their swinger clubs are not always within your reach. 

If you are proud to be a swinger, you can wear the symbol everywhere and anywhere. It can be worn as jewelry, a tattoo, a sticker on your car, etc. Maybe someone might wonder what it means, but don’t worry, most people never find out unless they do specific research on the topic. Which means they are also curious about the swingers lifestyle.


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