Unlocking The Key To Honesty While Swinging

Many members of the swinger community praise the Lifestyle for helping them be more honest and open with their partners. When certain parts of your relationship are free, there’s very little to lie about. Honesty breathes honesty. This swinger couple who have a consensually non-monogamous relationship talks about how unlocking the key to honesty while swinging has grown her marriage.

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Unlocking The Key to Honesty While Swinging

“Well, for one thing, it created an enormous safe zone for both of us. We both knew we could be vulnerable in our honesty, and let me tell you, there is nothing quite so freeing as a partner who receives your honesty with open arms. Honesty breeds honesty, no doubt about it. But to invoke this multiplying effect, we’ve got to learn to accept our partner’s honesty with love and empathy.

 Topics normally relegated to the shadows were allowed to shine in the light of day. We embraced our consensually non-monogamous relationship, even if that meant butting heads with religion or society, or government. We weren’t going to be guilted, shamed, or discriminated from following a relationship path we knew we were supposed to travel.”

How on earth can we ever expect to have the open and honest communication we all desire if we aren’t willing to listen to our partner’s truth? This unlocking of our honesty has been where we have seen the most significant growth in our marriage. It has been those times that we’ve been able to see how our continued receiving and giving of honesty in love built a foundation strong enough for us both to stand upon.”

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Being honest with your partner is essential, no matter what kind of relationship you are in. Many swinger couples find that being honest with one another becomes a lot easier when you feel like you can talk openly to each other, without fear of judgment or punishment for your desires. Perhaps this is why swinger couples divorce less than monogamous couples.


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