Swinging – What Are Friends For?

Swinging – what are friends for? This Redditor tells us about his fun birthday getaway with some swinger couples in a cabin. The act of swinging is becoming much more prevalent, with the r/Swingers community on Reddit having 221,000 subscribers, and that’s only one of many swingers community threads available on the network.

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Redditors Confessions

“My friends rented a cabin for the weekend as a birthday gift for me. We try to do this once every few months as sort of a break from the real world and enjoy the time to reconnect. There are drinks, games, good food, some party favors—everything you need for a fantastic friend trip.

Now, we’ve played games like truth or dare before, and things get fun, but nothing crazy. My partner and I are swingers. I’m pan and poly, and he’s open and heteroflexible. Another couple are also swingers (we’ve swung with them before), and another has been curious about dabbling. Some people couldn’t make it, so it turned out to be us three couples and one of our single friends.

It seemed everyone was kind of ready for this at the start. We used truth or dare to get things going but pretty quickly, we were all falling into bed in the master bedroom and spent hours enjoying each other, laughing, talking, and cumming over and over until the sun went down.

I’m telling you, it was my favorite sexual experience yet. Something about being that intimate with people you love and cherish makes things so much better.

Swinging – What are friends for?

I read on here about people swinging with friends, and it became weird, but it honestly feels like the opposite. I love all these people. I’ve known them ten years, and they are all my soulmates in some way. It’s funny because we’ve always joked about the fact that we may have an orgy one day. I guess Saturday was that day.”


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