Swinging Makes You More Open-Minded

Swinging Makes You More Open-Minded

We took to Reddit to see if swinging makes you more open-minded. We asked the swinging community on the r/Swingers thread if they had become more open-minded since swinging and here’s what they had to say.

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Swinging Makes You More Open-Minded


Swinging Makes You More Open-Minded

Here’s what swingers from the r/Swingers thread had to say when asked if they thought they had become more open-minded since starting to swing.

“I’ve definitely become more open-minded.”

“I’ve definitely become more open-minded. For example, while I tried to never be too judgmental of people’s looks, I’ve grown to care less and less about minor “imperfections” like scars or cellulite or bits of fat here or there. I find a much wider range of women attractive since I care much less than when I was young about looks and honestly I feel much better as a person that way, just seeing the beauty in everyone.”

“I’m open to new things…”

“We are still pretty new, but yes I’d totally agree. One of the best parts I’ve found is not even just sexually but how much more I feel like I’m open to new things, or willing to try/ask questions instead of just ‘no’. I used to say no a lot. It’s taught me to just be curious and find out more rather than judge. And I wish more people could see how much more productive that is. I’d like to think if anyone found out we were in the lifestyle they’d ask questions respectfully, or reserve judgment with their limited info rather than rush to judge us as sex maniacs so I hold myself to that same standard when considering others and their choices. My husband has come up against a lot of internal ingrained negative thoughts around it being wrong, dirty, etc despite it being enthusiastic and consensual (from his religious upbringing) as well which has surprised him, he is working through it!”

“We see it as shifting priorities/focus…”

“We were just talking last night about how things that used to be a big deal (like who we get naked with) aren’t as big a deal anymore, and things that didn’t seem like a big deal before (like having great communication) are way more important.

So, more open, yeah, you could see it that way, but we see it as shifting priorities/focus.”


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