Swinging Brings Couples Closer together

Swinging Brings Couples Closer

Swinging brings couples closer together by strengthening the foundation of the relationship with increased communication, honesty, and trust. Couples tend to be happier in swinger relationships than monogamous ones because they have learned the skills of how to communicate with their partner, being honest about their feelings, and learning to trust their partners

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Swinger couples

Better Communication

Communication between swinger couples is absolutely key to keeping the relationship solid and alive; when it’s done well, couples talk about everything, fight less, and are more open with each other. Each partner needs to be comfortable talking about what they do outside the relationship to keep their partner informed. They also need to feel like they can voice any concerns or worries. 


Greater Honesty

“Honesty is the key factor for the happiness of any relationship.”

When a relationship involves having sex with other people or dating others, it can be easy for either partner to feel jealous or threatened. This is why a swinger relationship requires a devotion to honesty. Not only does this help keep communication lines clear, but it also lets the other partner know when they need to do more to support their partner and reassure them. Naturally, this can make the relationship stronger.


Less Likely to Cheat

 In swinger relationships, partners can have physical intimacy with others without their partner feeling threatened that they’ll leave. In-swinging, physical intimacy usually involves the presence or immediate consent of their partner. Most of the time, both partners are having sex with someone outside their relationship at the same time. This also means that each partner has fewer reasons to feel jealous. Their relationship is less likely than a monogamous one to fall apart because of cheating.


It’s not hard to see why such relationships are attractive to so many people!


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