Swinging and Respecting Boundaries

Discussing swinging and respecting boundaries is essential to a healthy swinger lifestyle. You need to be open and honest with your partner and agree on what is and isn’t allowed before inviting another into your bed.

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Respecting Boundaries

Like any non-monogamous sexual arrangement, talking about boundaries beforehand is vital to avoid awkward or hurtful encounters. Some people may think talking is a mood killer, but then again, so is offending a swinger couple and risk having the real fun stopped. Everyone will have a much better time if they chat about their role first so you can all ensure the playing stays within the lines.

If you are considering becoming a swinger couple, it is up to you to communicate your boundaries. People are not mind-readers, and getting annoyed when they pick you up wrong is slightly hypocritical if you haven’t explained things. 

Make sure it’s something you both want to do for the right reasons. Talking about what is and isn’t OK doesn’t have to be tough. Have an honest chat with your other half about what you want from a particular swinger arrangement (Vixen and Stag), and even just this can be a way of getting excited for what’s to come.

There should be a strong level of trust

Remember that the Stag and Vixen dynamic is a bit newer than the old cuckold fantasy. Even if you appear to be the most dominant alpha male the world has ever known, don’t automatically think people will know this. There should be a strong level of trust between each other for a Stag and Vixen dynamic to work. 

Fantasizing and watching your partner have sex with someone else while you are on the sidelines can be completely different than standard swinging. It can be an advantageous and sexually gratifying arrangement for all involved. Just think it through first to ensure it’s right for your relationship.


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