Swinging and Love

Swinging and Love

Today we are talking about Swinging and Love, and how to separate romance from love in the swinging community. 

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Swinging and Love


Swinging and Love

There can be much romance between individual swinger couples, but the lifestyle is not actually about romance. Love is a four-letter word to many people in the community. Swingers generally don’t want to love their swinging partners – they want to lust for them. Remember that swinging is a brief sexy playtime for you and your lifelong partner. You arrive with your partner, and you leave with your partner.

Newbies fear that someone in the swinger community will wind up stealing their spouse. The thing is, swingers all love their partners. They want to stay with them and don’t want anyone else to “steal” them. When swingers engage in play with other swingers, they’re focused on the lustful, sexy feelings – not romantic feelings. Even if you find another couple you like and want to play with often, remember that these are play dates and not romantic dates. Understanding this makes it much easier to handle your swinger feelings.

Of course, we’re not saying that the lifestyle is perfect. There have been breakups and divorces. Divorce tends to be less common among swingers. Swingers know that communicating is the best way to prevent drama and keep everyone happy, smiling, and sexually satisfied.


Tips That Help – Swinging and Love


Step 1: Make sure to communicate with each other honestly.

Don’t hold back your real feelings and opinions. No one should be “taking one for the team”; you should both go at the speed of the slowest person. There’s no need to rush it!


Step 2: Keep external communications on a group level. 

When texting or communicating with swingers outside your primary relationship, make it a shared experience. By sharing your lusty communications, you can make sure everyone is comfortable playing within the rules. It is effortless nowadays to arrange group texts, group emails, or group calls, so there’s no excuse for skipping this step if it might help your relationship.


Step 3: Playing together can make it easier to stay together.

Choosing the same room play over a separate room helps keep you both connected. If you’re engaging in same room play, don’t go giving each other hall passes. It sounds exciting, but letting your partner go away on their own is raising the chances of rocking your relationship rowboat a bit too much.

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