Swinging Aftercare

Swinging Aftercare

What is swinging aftercare? If you’re aware of BDSM, you might have heard this term before. In swinging, aftercare is essentially reconnecting with your partner after your swinging experience.

Swinging is sexy fun, but sometimes we need to focus on less sexy things that are also important. Many different thoughts can be going through both of your minds after your swinging experience, and you want to ensure those thoughts are focused in a positive direction. 

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Swinging Aftercare

Swinging and Aftercare

 Your relationship thrives best on a healthy diet of open communication, reflection, and self-awareness. Not all partners come out of a swinger party or play session feeling the same way.  Aftercare is often needed for both partners to reconnect after a scene or sexual experience. This is when you address each other’s physical, emotional, and psychological needs after your sex play.

Swingers can also benefit from this concept of reconnecting and helping address each other’s requirements, so you are ready to better move forward together. Debriefing with your significant other allows you to discuss what worked and what did not. This allows you both to have an even better experience next time.

What Does Aftercare Look Like?

Before a swinging session, it is essential to discuss what swinging aftercare is desired with your partner. This way, reconnecting can feel more natural after the playtime ends.

Couples need time sensual, intimate time together. This doesn’t need to be sex. It can be any physical action to re-establish closeness. It could be kissing, cuddling, sleeping together, or whatever might work for both of you.

Emotional aftercare can look different depending on each individual’s need. If your partner feels more valued when a sentimental gift is given, consider giving them their favorite dessert or wine after your swinging fun. Some people respond better to quality time and may appreciate going out to dinner, ordering in, or watching a movie together with more than a sentimental gift. 

Taking a moment to say “I love you” or “I appreciate you” or “You rocked this today.” is both positive reinforcement and validation. You both want to feel valued and connected.

Psychological and emotional aftercare go somewhat hand in hand. Our mindset before, during, and after the experience can affect our perceptions of the experience. Being reflective and mindful about the experience while it’s raw and present in the memory can improve communication both in the bedroom and overall, in the relationship. 

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