Swinging Advice from Experienced Woman Part 2

Swinging Advice from Experienced Women Part 2

This article is a continuation of the last – Swinging Advice from Experienced Women Part 2! If you want to check out part 1 of Swinging Advice from Experienced Women, click here.

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Swinger Stories- How I Became a Unicorn


Swinging Advice from Experienced Women Part 2

“I (F37) have finally become very intrigued with swinging after hubby being persistent about the idea for years and I would like to hear from other females…”


Swinging Advice from Experienced Women #4:

Swinging is great fun. The people we meet are interesting, fun, and often wonderfully non-judgemental. The sexual experiences make me feel like a rock star. We’re both having the time of our lives, together, and that is really super special.



Swinging Advice from Experienced Women #5:

I would just like to know if you have any regrets or was it the best decision you have ever made?

Yes. There have been misfires and missteps. Best decision I ever made…no. That’s a high bar. It’s fun though.

I was never interested for years, but now get really turned on by the idea of being with other people.

You may not enjoy this. But you may feel different going into environments where some flirting is allowed and you open up to it.

My husband and I are planning on going to a swinging party in a couple of weeks and I am both very nervous and excited at the same time

Clubs can be fun and sex even if you don’t play with others.

We have agreed nothing has to happen on the night and we are just going to get a feel for things.

I never thought id be the woman who would like to be shared, or sleep with strangers.*

Don’t sleep with strangers then. Get to know people a little.


Swinging Advice from Experienced Women #6:

We had our first-night last week and went to a club. We were able to meet a few different couples and ended up choosing one to play with. It was a soft swap (touching/oral) and we didn’t feel there was much nervous energy or awkward moments because we had already been talking to them for hours.

Now, this weekend we swapped with a couple on a whim and it wasn’t as fulfilling. It was awkward and just not a good experience for me or my hubby. We both agreed after the fact that getting to know the other couple is a major step for us that we want to have included.



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