Swinging Advice from Experienced Women

Swinging Advice from Experienced Women Part 1

We know that swinging can sometimes seem like a scary endeavor when you have no experience and don’t know what to expect. This article gives swinging advice from experienced women to the women out there who are curious about joining the Lifestyle. 

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Swinging advice from experienced women


Swinging Advice from Experienced Women Part 1

“I (F37) have finally become very intrigued with swinging after hubby being persistent about the idea for years and I would like to hear from other females…”


Swinging Advice from Experienced Women #1:

I absolutely love it and am so glad my husband was respectfully persistent about it for so many years until I was ready to take the plunge. There have been a few testing situations but I think those were more about our relationship and learning to communicate better than anything having to do with swinging. It has made me more confident and body-positive. I have learned sexual “tricks” that I didn’t know. We are more laid-back than ever, it has reduced stress.

The first time was great, I got to watch hubby fuck another sexy woman as I made out with her!

The main thing is don’t go into this looking to fix a broken or stale marriage! Never do anything you aren’t comfortable with, never take one for the team, and no matter how good your communication may be, you need to ramp it up 100% before, during, and after any event or encounter.


Swinging Advice from Experienced Women #2:

I’m in a similar spot so the advice I can give is limited, but going to a swinging party just to get a feel for things is a great idea! My partner and I have been to two parties now and I’m absolutely loving it.

I know what you mean about not thinking you’d ever want to be shared. My partner is my first and I’ve never felt a particular attraction to anyone other than him… until this weekend. We talked to a super nice guy who was also pretty new, and damn was he hot. Later we were having sex in one of the public rooms and he (very respectfully) asked if he could join in. We politely said no thank you since those were our rules for the night, but hoo-boy, I really wanted him to join us. It took me by surprise and even though I felt a surge of confidence and liberation, I also felt guilty. We get a lot of slut-shaming from the media so it can be hard to admit we enjoy and desire sex, particularly from more than one person. It’s definitely a lot of processing, talking through things, and rewriting ingrained values from childhood, but it also feels so good to start owning my sexuality.


Swinging Advice from Experienced Women #3:

No regrets ever, you learn from each experience whether good or bad and we’ve had both

I get turned on by the idea of watching my husband with another woman but when it comes time to play I don’t enjoy just watching them as much. Sometimes I don’t look but if I’m part of it I enjoy it.

I love being fucked by another man but I learned that it can’t be a complete stranger. I have to have a connection and chemistry.

The most important thing is communication. Feelings are normal and I still feel them sometimes. Jealousy, insecurity, and resentment can come up but you need to be honest and communicate all of your feelings. I am super sensitive and we always have to debrief the day after a swap just to process the experience and learn from it. We then have the best ravenous sex for a few weeks following (this is the best part)

We are the happiest strongest couple because of this lifestyle. Our self-esteem and confidence are through the roof and we lead a healthy lifestyle to look good and perform. We love it!


Are you a female with experience in swinging? Blaxity is looking for people like you to share your stories and advice with us! Send us your stories here.


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