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Enjoy reading our swingers stories brought to you from swingers all over the world. This story is about a swingers couple’s experience and shows how open communication, trust, and boundaries can solidify a marriage when it comes to swinging.


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Swingers Stories

My wife told me about her fantasy years ago, and I would often talk dirty to her about it while fucking or making her cum in other ways. At first, she’d always say after she’d cum, that she couldn’t do it for real, but then out of the blue, she said maybe. I suggested a sensual massage from a stranger to see if she could actually do it. We eventually found Kevin, who was supposedly a qualified masseuse. We arranged for him to visit us at home when we had it to ourselves with no kids. We let him know what we had planned if the wife was brave enough.

Leading up to Kevin’s visit, my wife trimmed her pubic hair and had a long soak in the bath with some wine to help with nerves. He turned up right on time, and we got him to set his table up by the bed in our room. He left the space so my wife could remove her robe and lay face down on the table naked with a towel over her.

Kevin came back in and started his massage at the base of her neck and shoulders. He pulled the towel down, uncovering her about where he spent a lot of time, and he was doing the trick given the sighs the wife was making. He recovered her back while lifting the towel from her legs and got to work on her right leg. He kept running his hands up the inside of her thighs, getting really close before eventually moving to the other leg. He then asked her if she wanted her buttocks massaged and, if so would it be OK to remove the towel completely. After hesitating, she said yes, if it was OK with me. I nodded my approval.


Looking me in the eyes, she grabbed him

He removed the towel and got to work, which resulted in more groans from the wife and me getting really hard. He spent quite a while there and kept sliding down towards her, making her move her legs further apart. He then asked her to turn over, asking her if she wanted the towel back on, which she declined. Kevin was still in his sweatpants and a t-shirt which he asked permission to remove, which was granted, and it was apparent he was erect due to the tent in his bottoms. Looking me in the eyes, she grabbed him through his sweatpants and started stroking. This was his cue to start working on her with his other hand. I got undressed, moved up to the top of the table, and joined them. She then dropped a bombshell by telling me she wanted to fuck him but that she couldn’t do it with me there. She also said she would be OK, even if a little disappointed, if I ended it.

It did cross my mind, but I could tell how turned on she was, so I said I’d go downstairs. Before I left, she asked if it’d be OK to get on the bed, and I nod yes, but I said, don’t forget the condom. As I left the room, she started to move over to the bed, asking me I could please shut the door. I went to the lounge, and at first, I couldn’t hear anything, but after a few minutes, I heard the bed start to creak slowly. The pace picked up before I began to listen to my wife moaning. I crept up the stairs hanging outside, and I could hear the telltale slapping sounds of fucking. I just hoped at the time they were using the condoms. Suddenly, the bed started creaking again.

It was probably the best sex she’s had

After a while, it was apparent she was cumming. It went quiet before you could hear movement across the floor, which turned out to be him packing his stuff up. This went on for another hour before it all went quiet until I heard movement and the bedroom door opening and footsteps down the stairs. Kevin had his stuff with him, and my wife, dressed in her robe, showed him to the door and came into me. She sheepishly thanked me and told me that she loved me more than ever before starting to stroke me, telling me what else went on.
She admitted it was probably the best sex she’s had as it was such a turn on knowing I was close by and could probably hear her. But she stressed she doesn’t want to do anything like that again. We do relive it sometimes in bed, which results in some great orgasms for both of us.


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