Swingers Resorts Vs. Swingers Cruises

It can be a little confusing as to the best vacation option for you. Swinger cruises vs. swinger resorts – which one is best for you? Don’t worry; we are here to help clear things up and help you make the right choice for your personal situation.

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When it comes to size in the swingers resorts vs. swingers cruises debate, swingers cruises are more significant events than any swinger resort. The most popular swinger resorts are Hedonism Resort in Jamaica and Desire Resorts in Mexico. Hedonism, being the bigger of the two, has 280 guest rooms. The smaller swinger cruises have 350 cabins, and the more extensive swinger cruises have over 2500 cabins. So if you are a shy swinger, you might prefer a swinger resort, which can be easier to enjoy a more intimate experience. If you love group energy & large crowds, the swingers cruise is for you!


Resorts and cruises are both fantastic experiences providing great value, but that value does come with a sizeable price tag. Because there are only about 5-10 swinger cruises each year, they are in shorter supply, so there aren’t any real discounts offered. Well, why don’t they arrange more swinger cruises? First of all, the organizers need to reserve it more than a year in advance. Secondly, it can take well over a million dollars to fund these cruise ships.

On the other hand, swinger resorts might be smaller than the massive cruise ships, but they are open 365 days a year. That means there are some discounted rates for when resorts have spare rooms. If you are flexible with your travel plans, you can really save a good bit of money.

Remember that swinger resorts are all-inclusive vs. swinger cruises, which have many add-on costs. Swinger cruises will add port fees, taxes, drinks (soda & alcohol), special dining charges, etc. Desire and Hedonism are both all-inclusive, so there really aren’t any additional costs aside from tips. When comparing prices, make sure you include all add-ons so you can make the right choice for your preferred vacation style.


The cruises and resorts offer incredible experiences, but they excel at different aspects.

Cruises are great to visit multiple places as you will see a few different ports of call and sail past a wide range of scenery. The entertainment options also tend to be better with cruises. If you like to gamble, keep in mind that many cruise ships have casinos, but the swinger resorts don’t.

Resorts are great for a more relaxing atmosphere. The swinger resorts allow much more nudity and playing in the open. You can do things on your own schedule. There is no rush to explore a port or worry about getting back on board before the ship leaves. You can drink as much as you like without the worry of a hefty bill at the end. 


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