Swingers Paradise

Swingers Paradise – A Nude Beach

Nude beaches are a swingers paradise! You meet like-minded sexy swingers while tanning yourself and looking at the menu!

The vibe is usually very relaxed and open at these beaches. It’s great for couples and other romantic fluid people interested in getting into the swinger lifestyle. Read about one swinger’s visit below!

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Swingers Paradie


Swingers Paradise – My Day At A Nude Beach

It was a scorching day, and I had time to visit the nude beach close to where I live. I was wearing my gym shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt. I was tingling with excitement during the drive.

I had recently trimmed my pubic hair and shaved, and I was semi-erect as I drove to the beach. I couldn’t help but rub myself through my shorts in anticipation of the excitement of being completely nude with strangers.

“My heart was beating hard in anticipation..”

After the short drive, I found a place to park and started walking down towards the beach. I was half hard as I walked the trail, and I could feel my penis shaking back and forth in my shorts, clearly visible if anyone was looking. As I got closer, I saw a group near some rocks with a good mix of women, a female couple, and a few men. There was a nice spot by the rocks and so I took my shoes and shirt off. I had to focus very hard to not have an erection. My heart was beating hard in anticipation, and I felt utter excitement at the moment.

The sun was hot and intense, water splashing against the rocks, and nude people laying, standing, and enjoying nature. I quickly took off my shorts and felt the sun on my groin. Oh, it felt so good. My nicely trimmed penis and athletic body, laying in the sun, for all to see.

We all started small talking. We talked about how lovely the weather was and did a bit of flirting. Everyone was nudists and respected the rules but clearly appreciated being nude and on display. A nicely trimmed landing strip on a large breasted woman was about all I could look at. A lovely female couple appeared to be lovers, with beautiful breasts and curvy bodies. A few men walking around, making conversation, drinking alcohol.

“I was so sexually thrilled..”

I sat down on the rock near the water’s edge, facing the group in discussion, naked. I could feel myself beginning to harden and had to fight back that urge to allow myself to become fully erect. I was so sexually thrilled in the moment and noticed that I had privacy from the group if I walked around the rock. I stood up and walked to the edges of the stone into the water about waist deep. It was cold and refreshing. I was out of sight but could still hear the group. I looked around and had total privacy.

I began to harden with each heartbeat and bounced in and out of the water. I could not wait another minute, and I slowly stroked myself back and forth. It was so freeing being around nude swingers. I thought about touching the women, releasing myself in the water in less than a minute. I wouldn’t have to fight off an erection and could join the group again once I became soft. The cold water quickly made that happen. I enjoyed a quick swim in the water and joined the group again, explaining how the water felt great, with my wet body dripping with water and my penis shrinking to half its size. I sat back in the sun, enjoying the moment, completely relaxed and at home.

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