Should You Introduce Swinging into Your Relationship

Should You Introduce Swinging into Your Relationship?

Swinging and Your Relationship

When deciding should you introduce swinging into your relationship, it’s normal you might be worried about the effect swinging will have on your relationship. You may worry about the jealousy you will feel,  that your partner will find someone better than you, or be concerned that your relationship just can’t survive swinging. Today we’re discussing the actual effects swinging can have on a relationship so you can be sure that your relationship will stand the test of swinging.

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Should you introduce swinging into your relationship


The Actual Effects

When you are in a swinger relationship you need to be sure to keep the communication lines open. You and your partner should always be honest with one another – about everything. It’s not something just to be said; you need to mean it. Whether one partner wants a break from the Lifestyle, or want’s to stop swinging altogether, that’s okay. You should focus on your partner and your relationship ahead of everything else. 

In one study on the effects of swinger relationships, 90% of couples who didn’t initially rate their relationships as “very happy” said their relationship improved and 50% of couples said that their relationships got better. Nearly 70% of swingers say they are not jealous and almost a quarter said that they still feel some jealousy while swinging. That doesn’t conflict with happiness since jealousy is only while swinging, not at all the time. 

Swinging can be quite empowering for women. They make a lot of the decisions and can end things at any time.  Don’t worry about STIs; most well-conducted studies find that swingers have either the same STI rate as the rest of the population or even lower.

The bottom line is that swinging makes their relationships better for the vast majority of swingers. The connection is strengthened by better communication, greater honesty, and the thrill of sex outside a relationship without cheating being involved. 


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