Sexual Conversation Starters

Sexual Conversation Starters

Let’s talk about sex! And more so, how to talk about sex. These sexual conversation starters are an easy way to get the conversation going in a more… explicit direction.

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sexual conversation starters


Sexual Conversation Starters

Some people may find it hard to turn the conversation to a more sexual side. Whether it’s on a date and feeling frisky or between rolling around the sheets, these sexual conversation starters have you covered!


  1. What is one of your favorite sexual memories with a partner?
  2. What’s your favorite sexual act to receive?
  3. What’s your favorite sexual act to give?
  4. Do you like to initiate sex or would you rather have sex initiated?
  5. How do you communicate what you want sexually? 
  6. DO you talk differently about sex with your friends compared to your partners?
  7. What sexual experience would you like to try?
  8. How do you feel about masturbating?
  9. When do you feel most aroused or turned on?
  10. What sexual activities do you not particularly enjoy and why? 
  11. Do you consider an orgasm and pleasure equal? Which one is more of a priority for you?


Not only will asking and answering these questions with another help you understand yours and their sexual needs when it comes to getting down and dirty, asking these kinds of questions while lying in bed will act as an aphrodisiac and will surely end with some bump and grind in the sheets.


What questions do you ask to get the mood going? Reach out and tell us! 


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