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Running into a Coworker at a Swingers Club

Below is a story shared by a member of the swingers community. It shows the romantic-fluid couple running into a coworker at a swingers club and how they handled the situation.

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Running into a Coworker at a Swingers Club

Mrs. Penguin and I were having a good night at the club. We talked to some friends, had some drinks, and eventually decided that we were in the mood to play. We headed into the couples-only group play area at the club. This play area is an open room with 7 separate beds in it. While we play with each other, we take a moment to look around the room to enjoy watching the other couples play. We are enjoying the scenery when it finally happens… Mrs. Penguin looks at the bed to our left and sees a coworker of hers, bent over on all fours, getting pounded doggy-style right next to us.


“What if I run into someone I know?”

When a couple who is new to the lifestyle starts talking about going to a swingers club for the first time, one of the greatest fears they have is often “what if I run into someone I know.” The reality is that most swingers are “in the closet.” Most of us don’t even tell our closest friends or family about what we do in the privacy of our own bedroom, much less our coworkers. Running into a friend or coworker is a terrifying prospect to many people new to the lifestyle.

“It will happen eventually.”

Suppose you are afraid of running into a friend or coworker at a swingers club. In that case, I have bad news for you: It will happen eventually. While nobody knows exactly what percentage of couples swing, the fact of the matter is that swinging is more common than most people outside of the lifestyle think it is. If you attend clubs often enough, the law of averages dictates that you will eventually run into someone you know.

“Nobody who attends a swingers club will judge you.”

If the knowledge that you will eventually run into a friend or coworker at a lifestyle club scares you, don’t worry, I have good news as well! Anyone you run into at a swingers club is either a swinger themself, or is comfortable enough with the idea of swinging to attend a club. Nobody who attends a swingers club will judge anyone else for attending a swingers club. During our time in the lifestyle, we have run into several coworkers and friends. The end result is our relationship with those people has improved every time. Was it awkward for a moment when we first ran into them? Sure, but with every instance, it did not take long for everyone to realize that they were all there for the same reason and that swinging is nothing to be ashamed about.

“One of Us”

While swinging may be taboo for people outside of the lifestyle, it creates a shared bond between people. When you run into an acquaintance at a club, they stop being “one of them” and start being “one of us.” The bond is instant. When Mrs. Penguin and I first started swinging, we thought that seeing friends or coworkers at the club would be terrible. Still, we actually look forward to meeting our “vanilla” friends within the lifestyle.


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