Non-Sexual Benefits of Swinging

Non-Sexual Benefits of Swinging

We took to Reddit to ask the swingers of the r/Swingers community what positive non-sexual benefits of swinging they have experienced, and here is what they had to say.

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Non-Sexual Benefits of Swinging


Non-Sexual Benefits of Swinging

Swinging really calls for a healthy, less judgmental mindset. I figure it must have been the basis for self-improvement for many people. Or, maybe it has just given you a great excuse to go out and travel? What non-sexual benefits has it brought you?


Tremendous Personal Growth

“The lifestyle has led to tremendous personal growth for me in many areas of my life, most notably helping me to overcome pretty severe introversion and social anxiety. I have suffered from social anxiety my entire life, which, as you can imagine, makes swinging much more difficult. I don’t keep this a secret. In fact, I often mention it in our podcast because Myrina and I firmly believe in presenting our authentic selves and not sugar-coating ourselves or our lifestyle experiences. Myrina is extraordinarily outgoing and loves meeting new people, and has no problem walking up to anybody and instantly becoming friends; that is not my nature! At first, I just rode on her coat-tails. Still, the more experience I got in uncomfortable settings (and for me, any social setting was uncomfortable), the more confidence I developed, and then I started getting positive results (i.e., women were interested in me), which in turn fueled more confidence and it began to snowball. There are certainly many vehicles for interpersonal growth and confidence building, but swinging sure is a lot more fun than the alternatives (I’ll take sex with others over toastmasters any day)!”


Glow Up

“A general glow-up. Having an excuse to doll up reminded me how fun it was to get dolled up, back in the decades before children.”


Closer Than Ever

“Before swinging, I had lost sight of myself as being anything other than a middle-aged woman married for 30 years- not as someone anyone would view as attractive or sexy to anyone other than my husband. I saw myself defined only by the roles of wife and professional in my career field. I am very introverted, so I’ve learned some new social skills from meeting new people. My husband is much better at conversation, and I get to watch how new people experience him. Swinging has brought me (and my husband) some very close friendships with other couples/singles. We started this for the sexual adventures we could have as a team, so the friends we’ve made are an unexpected gift. I’ve found I have a hard time with rejection, so swinging teaches me not to take things so personally. It’s fun to feel the excitement with my husband when we anticipate, experience, or talk after a new sexual adventure- it’s drawn us even closer than ever!”



“Focus on Fitness and staying in shape. Not only are we healthier, but we have more couples to interact with as we dropped those 15-20lbs and toned by lifting weights.”


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