My Unicorn Experience At A Swingers Resort

A member of the swinger community talks about her Unicorn experience at a swingers resort and why she loves being a Unicorn! Download the Blaxity App

My Unicorn Experience At A Swingers Resort

I recently had my first Unicorn experience at a swingers resort called Hedonism, Jamaica. As a solitary female, yet one in a morally non-monogamous relationship, I gathered a lot of attention from men, ladies, and couples that I wouldn’t typically get on a young lady’s escape. Not every person desired to have intercourse with me, but instead, they sure were interested in why a pleasant lady was at a nudist resort all alone. My answer is quite basic: I like sex, and although I have a partner who worships and fulfills me, my kinks vary, and I look for several different encounters with various swingers. 



Cue the almighty mythical unicorn status!

I like the attention that being a unicorn draws in. At Hedonism, I had an abundance of companions. Swinger couples who were sexual yet submissive, coy, and fun. Romantic fluid individuals made their desires understood; however, they never compelled me to play. I had a sense of security every step of the way, even though liquor and sexed-up endorphins were included. Pleasure-seekers are aware of limits and respect the boundaries of other swingers at the resort.

As a unicorn, I’ve given some hotwives their first-ever orgasm from a woman. If you’re a noncommittal girl engaging in no-strings-attached threesome fun, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as giving and receiving pleasure to all swingers involved. Whether I get off or not, playing that unique role is pretty hot.

Flexing your sexual freedom is what being a Unicorn is all about. Not only does being a Unicorn enhance my sex life, but it can open up new sexual desires and multiply the pleasure for the others involved.


 Swinging isn’t an all-the-time thing for me. It’s just one piece of the complex puzzle of my sexual interests. 


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