Memorable Swinging Experiences

We love reading about couples’ memorable swinging experiences and what made their favorite memories memorable! Today’s blog will run through some of our favorite memorable swinging experiences! We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

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Memorable Swinging Experiences

Different Rooms

“My husband and I were recently reminiscing about some of the experiences we’ve had during our almost seven years in the lifestyle and we started talking about different experiences, couples, clubs, and what made them memorable.

For us, the one we both kept bringing up was our first time having sex with a couple in different rooms. Having been in the lifestyle for a few years at that point we felt like emotionally the next step was that. At a house party, we found an amazing and supportive couple that we both connected with instantly. We both took the opposite gender to different bedrooms in the house and had sex. We both vividly remember hearing each other through the wall which made the experience that much more enjoyable. After about an hour we both met back downstairs and laughed and exchanged stories about what happened in detail.

The whole thing got us pretty hot and we ended up back upstairs a few minutes later having sex with each other.”


Hot Tub Fun

“We went to a Lifestyle club and somehow met a single girl. She was with a group of friends and she ended up ditching them to hang with us. After the club, we got invited over to a hotel party/gathering. She ends up coming with us, but we don’t stay for too long cause she wants to go back to her place. Once we take her home, she invites us in and wants to go into her hot tub. I obviously don’t have a bikini, and so she finds me the stringiest thing she could possibly find lol (she lives in an apartment) so it isn’t a private hot tub. So here we are in her hot tub at like 7 in the morning now and still haven’t slept. We eventually go back inside her place and the 3 of us end up playing. We crash in her bed for like 2 hours. Wake up, practically go running out her door because we had brunch plans at 12:00 with some girlfriends also in the Lifestyle! Not sure how we survived all of that, but that was one memorable experience!”

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