Is Your Relationship Going To Last

Is Your Relationship Going To Make It?

Is your relationship going to make it? Well, certain relationship characteristics determine whether or not you and your partner will last. When dating someone you like, it’s essentially interviewing for a job you want. You try and showcase all your best qualities, stand out whilst also remaining humble, and hide your faults as best you can. But after several months, when the “honeymoon” phase fizzles out, the things that once were cute and mysterious may start to irritate you or cause problems. 

When you start understanding who your partner is, faults included, that’s when the real relationship work begins. That’s when you can ask, “Is your relationship going to make it?”

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Is Your Relationship Going To Make It?

So, what are the characteristics of a healthy relationship that’s likely to last?


Effectively Communicating

When annoyed at your partner for something, instead of being passive-aggressive or touchy, communicate your feelings about why you are annoyed. Do this soon after the offense occurred to prevent sweeping things under the carpet until you implode over something minor.


Feeling Secure

I have been in some relationships with people I truly loved and admired, but I never really felt secure with them. I always had a fear at the back of my head that they were going to leave. It wasn’t until my current relationship that I ever understood what feeling secure meant in a relationship. When we argue, I don’t internally panic that it means we’re breaking up and he’s going to leave. I recognize the argument as what it is – an argument.


Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness are the sweet things you can do for your partner to bring them joy or make their lives a little easier. Whether it’s booking a weekend away for them to relax or running a bath after a long day at work, these acts of kindness show your partner how you care for them and how much you like them.



 The saying “Marry your best friend” is said for a reason. You want them to be your friend, as well as your lover. At the end of the day, you plan to spend a lot of time with this person and build a life with them. Being goofy and bonding over shared interests is a sure sign that your relationship is on the right track to last.




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