Is Swinging Popular in India

Is Wife-Swapping Popular in India?

We took to the internet to ask if wife-swapping popular in India? It seems to us that swinging is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, but especially in India. It’s great to see happily married couples from all backgrounds engaging in the swinging community and giving themselves sexual liberty.

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Is Swinging Popular in India?

Is Wife-Swapping Popular in India?

We asked the Indian swinging community on Quora, “Is wife-swapping popular in India?” and here’s what they had to say…

“It’s fun.”

“Yes, very much. We are into swapping. It’s fun… we are from Bangalore, we have swapped with 8 couples, and we are extremely happy with our sex life.. we don’t think it’s wrong to have a transparent physical relationship with other couples… if we are mutually okay with it, then it’s like a fun activity. But make sure you are matured enough to accept it lightly, especially for the guy..”


“Between trusted friends.”

“Yes. I have heard many stories in Coimbatore (in south India)about wife swapping. But I never witnessed one.

Most of the swapping happens between the four walls, and it’s tough to find out. Swapping happens between the trusted friends, sometimes with a stranger couples.”


“Love and sex are independent.”

“Personally, we have been into the lifestyle for almost a year now!. Though it is tough to find a like-minded couple in South India, once you connect with the right people, the whole experience becomes effortless. You’ll be surprised at how broad-minded these people are!

However we have strict rules for couples who want to swing with us like STI tests, double dates before the swap, equal social & financial status, equally attractive and hygienic, etc.

PS: if you want to get into the lifestyle please be clear that love and sex are independent. Otherwise, you may get into a lot of trouble!”


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