Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner 

Today we’re bringing you the best intimate questions to ask your partner. When it comes to pillow talk, there’s nothing better than getting sexual with your words and learning more about what your lover is into before and, or after, getting freaky in the sheets.

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Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner


Intimate Questions to Ask Your Partner 

Asking steamy questions will help you better understand your partner’s needs in the bedroom and can also be quite a turn on imagining all of the things you are talking about while being in such proximity. Even if you have just finished the deed, you’ll be likely to want to go again after listening to your partner answer these intimate questions!


“What Kind of Porn Do You Like?”

Asking this question will surely get you and your partner’s imagination running wild. It’s also helpful for you to discuss what kind of fantasies you both have to see what kinks you share. For example, if your partner tells you he’s into bondage and it is also a desire you have, it will start a sexy explosive conversation about the things you could do together with that shared fantasy. 

You might even like to watch some porn together and show each other the kind of things you’d like to try with them. You could even start to mimic what the people in the porno are doing to really get things hot.


“Are You More Dominant or Submissive in the Bedroom?”

Some people think that if a person is dominant in real life, they must be like that in the bedroom. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, most people who are dominant in their lives often prefer to be submissive in the bedroom as they find relief in relinquishing power.

This question will also help you further understand your lover’s sexual desires and how they like to perform when having sex. When one half of the couple prefers submitting and the other dominating, it can flood a sense of sexual curiosity between the two.


“What’s a Fantasy You Have but Don’t Know if You’d Like to Try it?”

Asking this intimate question allows your partner to be vulnerable with you. Discussing things that you may fantasize about but unsure of whether or not you’d like to try shows your partner that you have boundaries. Limits and boundaries are important to discuss in your relationship as it prevents anything happening that either one is uncomfortable with.


“Have You Ever Fantasized About Me?”

This is one of the best intimate questions to ask your partner. Asking “have you ever fantasized about me?” is a sure way to get some blood pumping in both of you, and they tell you all the dirty things they’ve imagined doing with you.


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