How To Spot Swingers in the Lifestyle

How To Spot Swingers in the Lifestyle

Do you want to meet some swinger couples and explore the Lifestyle? Whether you want to be introduced to the swinging world or find subtle ways to signal to others about your Lifestyle, how to spot swingers in the Lifestyle is the perfect article for you!


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Swinger Lifestyle


How To Spot Swingers In The Lifestyle

There are a few tell-tale signs that someone is a member of the swinging community. It ranges from jewelry to garden decor and doorknobs! None of this is hard evidence that someone is a member of the swinging community. Maybe some people just like pampas, ankle bracelets, and pineapples! However, if you’re curious about the swinging lifestyle and are looking for people to approach, it’s a good place to start when you see the following signs:



According to Cooper Becket, who runs Swingset Podcast, a black ring on the right hand is a sure sign that they are out and open about being a member of the swinging community. Many married couples who are Lifestyle members often wear their wedding rings on their right hands as a subtle signal to others about their interests behind closed doors!

Toe rings and ankle bracelets are also the top jewelry choices for women swingers to get the word out about their sexual interests. There is certain swinger symbol jewelry you can buy to really flaunt that you’re in the Lifestyle.


 Garden Decor

Apparently, the sale of pampas has plummeted due to the plant being associated with the Swinger Lifestyle. Although this might be bad for pampa sellers, it’s actually good news for those who are trying to spot swingers or those who want to signal their desires to others. 

Even garden gnomes and flamingos have been tied to the Swinger Lifestyle! So if you walk past a garden and notice a lot of gnomes or flamingos sprinkled around the garden, you may have something in common with the residents.


Pineapples, especially upside-down pineapples, are yet another swinger symbol to hint to others about the Lifestyle. Next time you go shopping, keep an eye out for any upside-down pineapples in shopping carts, and if you’re brave enough… go have a chat!



All of the above signs and symbols are common swinger symbols, but it’s important to note that just because your neighbor is fond of garden gnomes, or you see a woman wearing a toe ring, it’s not a guaranteed sign that they are members of the swinger community. Always be respectful and polite when approaching people! 



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