How to Meet Swingers Without Using Dating Sites

Curious about swinging and want to meet some like-minded folk? Not really into the whole dating site thing? No worries, there are plenty of ways how to meet swingers without using dating sites, and luckily enough for you, that’s all that this blog post is about!

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How to Meet Swingers Without Using Dating Sites


How to Meet Swingers Without Using Dating Sites

Thanks to the internet you can meet like-minded folk from all around the world. This is handy when it comes to meeting other couples to swing with or even just researching the topic of swinging if it is something you and your partner are interested in trying. There are so many dating sites now where you can chat with other couples, including our very own Blaxity App.

However, not every couple or single is comfortable with dating sites or may feel like they have no luck finding anyone on them. This post is for you guys. 

Head to the Strip Club Together 

Strip clubs are a great place for couples to meet other couples looking for some fun. It’s a common meet-up spot for couples who are either attending a swinger party or coming home from one. Contrary to popular belief, these clubs aren’t just filled with raunchy men and pimps, a lot of women and couples choose strip clubs when looking for a wild night out.

Book a Cruise 

We have so many blog posts about swinger cruises and resorts to visit. A popular choice for swinger couples, you are bound to meet plenty of kinky, friendly couples on a swingers cruise or if you visit a swinger resort such as Hedonism.

Social Media Groups

I was inspired to write this blog post by the number of messages I received on Instagram from couples after liking just one picture from a swingers account. Now yes, social media is still online, but it’s very different from messaging couples on an actual dating site. Chatting to couples at a strip club, a swinger’s cruise, or even on social media feels different. It takes away some of the dread of talking and trying to flirt with others over a site you both went to, to meet people to have sex with essentially.

Join some Facebook/Instagram/Reddit communities where other swinger couples, or those interested in the Lifestyle post and communicate with one another. It’s not only informative but you will honestly be shocked with how many messages you receive. The swinging community is a really friendly and adventurous group, where you will most definitely find friends as well as much more.



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