How To Argue Effectively With Your Partner

It is crucially important that you know how to argue effectively with your partner. People often assume that when a couple is fighting, a breakup is on the horizon. If arguments are persisting and nothing is being solved, it’s an obvious conclusion to draw. However, it’s been proved that couples who argue effectively with one another have a much higher chance of staying together.

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How To Argue Effectively With Your Partner 

 We mustn’t shy away from discussing tricky topics that could more easily be swept under the rug. In fact, when done right, arguing can be very beneficial to a relationshipPeople have bad days, make mistakes and overreact. Trying to see things from your partner’s perspective and empahsitising with them is how you will grow closer as a couple. Holding them in contempt and dismissing their feelings is how your arguments will lead your relationship down the drain. 


Listen To What They Are Saying 

Often when couples find themsleves arguing it is usually because they are both being defensive and not listening to how their partner is actually feeling. Instead of hearing “I’m hurt” from their partners, they hear ” You’re a bad person and I hate you!”. The words we use when we argue are important as they should portray to our partners how we are feeling. If your other half is upset with you and is explaining how they feel, takre a breath and listen to what they are saying. Let them finish when they speak and conteplate on the words they have said before responding. Allowing eachother to take turns speaking and listening will make your arguement effecitively understood on both sides.


Take A Breather

When things become heated and voices are raised, the best thing to do is to take a breather. This means taking a time out from one another to cool down and reflect on the argument. Give eachother the space to work out the emotions you are both feeling to find the root cause of the fight. Take a walk or do some excercises and come together again when you have both had the time to gather yourselves.


Be Direct and Honest

When discusdsing an issue in your relationship with your partner, the best thing to do is to be honest and direct about how you are feeling. Beating around the bush and underplaying your feelings will only back-fire in the long run. Unhealed traumas and unspoken feelings will only fester within you and rot your relationship from the inside out if you are not honest about the reasons you are hurt.



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