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How Swinging Differs from Cuckolding

Swinging differs from cuckolding when it comes to the Lifestyle. You will find many couples who swing looking for a cuckold fantasy, and many of those involved in cuckolding getting involved in the swinging community too.

If you aren’t familiar with the cuckold concept, here is a very simple explanation: a cuckold takes pleasure from having his wife sleep with another. There are many different styles of cuckolding. Some cuckolds like to be embarrassed, others like to have their sperm compete with other men, some cuckolds want to watch, and others don’t.

Cuckolding is part of the BDSM lifestyle and tends to focus more on the power dynamic and less on sex. BDSM and the swinging lifestyles often brush shoulders with each other.

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How Swinging Differs from Cuckolding

 You might encounter cuckolding in the swinging world just like you might encounter some swingers wanting to be spanked, however cuckolding is not swinging. We all have different fetishes, and some BDSM fetishes can occasionally cross over into the swinging lifestyle. Typically swingers aren’t looking to play power games though we enjoy fun swinger games. Usually, the swingers’ goal is to have hot sex, not mentally embarrass another.

If you are worried about cuckolding, don’t be. There is nothing wrong with cuckolding, but it usually is not a good fit with many swingers. More often, swingers are swapping partners, and if there is a cuckold in a swap, then there is probably going to be an upset lady who is not having sex. When a lady is upset, the sexy fun is quick to end. This is why cuckolding is not common in swinging.

If you want to have cuckolding fun in the swinging world, it is easier to set up an MMF or MFM swinger threesome. There are many single men in the swinging world, and you can find one willing to be your bull (the dominant man having sex). You can debate if this threesome is swinging or a BDSM play session. We choose not to worry about definitions and enjoy the many different opportunities in the wide world of being sex-positive.


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