How swinging can empower women

How Swinging Can Empower Women

How swinging can empower women is the topic of this article. Although many men introduce their wives to swinging, once in the scene, a lot of women actually take charge of the swinging dynamic

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How swinging can empower women

How Swinging Can Empower Women

Female sexuality has long lived in the shade of male sexuality. Women’s traditional roles have long constrained sexual pleasure, placing it behind marital or relational duty. The feminist movement has voiced the culturally or socially repressed sexual desire. We are slowly progressing from shame to understanding.  Owning sexuality and permitting yourself to explore it is a new endeavor for many women.

Swinging relationships are a context that welcomes curiosity and exploration without judgment or pre-imposed expectations. The open-mindedness of the swinging community embraces individual differences. It removes norms that exist elsewhere, replacing them with the freedom to explore.

This is why swinging relationships can do a lot to empower women.


Owning Your Sexuality

 Partners acknowledge that their partner’s sexuality is not theirs to claim in a swingers relationship. There’s no monopoly over their partner’s desire. In traditional relationships, it is expected that over time the feeling of duty replaces sexual desire. When a couple takes each other for granted sexually, boredom takes the place of pleasure.

In a swinging relationship, a woman can own their sexuality without pressure to box it into a specific role relevant to their partner. Swinging relationships also allow women to look into their fantasies around bisexuality with their partner’s support. 


Security and Freedom

For many women, a secure relationship is also a constraining one. There are plenty of roles and rules, and not too much space for exploration. The swinging relationship can only exist if there is trust and intimacy between the partners who allow each other freedom.

Mutual acceptance, agreement to trust and keep each other safe helps a woman find her emotional anchor in a swinging relationship while knowing that she can freely dive into exploring sexual pleasure. 

 She can experiment with different roles without feeling that there is a certain pre-determined category she needs to fit in as a woman. In the lifestyle, women are not judged based on their other social roles.


Acceptance and Validation.

Women that have been enjoying the Lifestyle for a while, know that seeing another beautiful woman is not threatening. It is an opportunity to experience joy along with her and enjoy another woman’s beauty, or with her permission, play with her partner. There’s little room for comparing yourself to others in a self-judgmental way. Swinging exists because one size does not fit all. Not needing to compare yourself to others feels liberating.


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