How Swingers Started Swinging

How Swingers Started Swinging

We took to Reddit and asked the r/Swingers thread how swingers started swinging. How did they and their partners dive into the world of swinging, and what feelings and emotions they have towards swinging.

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How Swingers Started Swinging


How Swingers Started Swinging

“I came out to my wife as bi after being together for 15 years. After she got over the shock of that, we talked it out and she suggested I explore it. I started going to gay saunas now and again. She was very curious about them and I’d tell her all about them. Then she said she wished she could check them out see and what they are like. In our city, the gay saunas double as the swingers clubs on certain days, so I told her that. She said she wanted to go, and I was like…. just for a look? I’d already asked her years before if she’d be interested in fulfilling a fantasy of mine and having a MFM threesome. We talked that out more and decided to go non-monogamous and see how it went. Spoiler: it went really well!”


“This is what being in love and lust is.”


“Funny, we started dating last April. End of May I called him out for saying something that my gut instinct said meant more than what he was saying. He waited a few minutes and told me all about being in the LS, his time as a single male, etc. He was so sweet and worried about my response because honestly, I could have reacted in a variety of ways. As it was, I listened to him, patted him on the shoulder, and said “you need to take me”. The next weekend, we went to the club. Yes, we played. No, I had never thought about the lifestyle before this. I really thought key parties were a 70s joke.
My trust in my partner is absolute. It’s the first time in my life I can truly be myself, explore and be honest about my desires.
We married in December and I finally get it…this is what being in love and lust is. We are willing to give all for the other. Side note: He always dreamed of being with someone who would enjoy this with him, but was prepared to walk away for the right person. I believe it.”


” Greatest adventure of my life.”


“My bf told me about his 20-year involvement in the LS on our third date. My background…Preachers Kid and wholly monogamous up until that point…As he explained the LS to me and how it actually works in relationships, I knew it was what I was made for. Our connection and his experience have made it extremely easy to transition into the greatest adventure of my life.”


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