How Swingers Differ from Other Types of Open Relationships

Today we are discussing how swingers differ from other types of open relationships. An open relationship is an umbrella term that describes any relationship where members in the couple sleep with others with the consent of their primary partner. Swinging is one type of open-relationships. Read on to discover how swingers differ from other types of relationships.


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How Swingers Differ from Other Types of Open Relationships

Swingers often have more rules than other romantic fluid people in different open relationships. Some swinging couples aren’t comfortable with their primary partner being sexual without them, while others encourage it as it adds to the experience. Any variation of open relationships is acceptable as long as the couple and those involved, mutually agree on the terms of the relationship.

Swingers who have other commitments, such as children, tend to have a more structured approach to sexual exploration. It may make them apprehensive about non-shared experiences because of the value they put on their other commitments together.


Swinging and Polyamory – What’s the Difference?

The difference between swinging and polyamory is the emotional connection. Polyamorous couples may have multiple partners they are committed to loving romantically and sexually. The swinger title is reserved for couples looking to expand their sexual frontiers without expanding their hearts. Swinging is generally considered to be purely sexual, although sometimes a partner in the swinger couple can develop strong romantic feelings, and this sometimes leads to a polyamorous relationship. 

The swinging demographic tends to be more conservative or, more heterosexual, and more gender-normative than the polyamory demographic. On the other hand, Polyamory has a huge overlap with the LGBTQ and kinky communities.

Everyone interested in exploring consensual non-monogamy has to find their own path. Swinging works very well for some people while polyamory is perfect for others.
It’s so important to be aware that there is a vast menu of options available. No two relationships are the same, and finding the right relationship style for you and your partner(s) requires creativity, flexibility, and negotiation.


Did you know the term “swinger” is dated?

It’s a surprisingly dated term and hasn’t gained understanding amongst millennial couples. There’s not a replacement term; most younger couples describe their relationship more broadly as open.


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