how i got my hot wife into swinging

How I Got My Hot Wife Into Swinging

Today’s swinger story – How I Got My Hot Wife Into Swinging,  is about a couple entering the Lifestyle. It’s a real experience of how approaching your spouse and being honest with them can really pay off when it comes to getting swinging. 

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How I got my hot wife into swinging


How I got My Hot Wife Into Swinging 

My wife and I have a great sex life; it was one reason I knew she was the one for me. Twelve years after we met, things were still great but routine. We have always watched porn together, mostly PlayboyTV and once in a while hard-core porn. We had talked for years about the TV show swingers (on PBTV), and we enjoyed watching it together.

After some time, we would sometimes play that she was with more than one guy or another woman was joining us for sex, and things led from there to us discussing what our rules would be (if we were to try it). From there, it became a side sexual joke for us, and we would tease each other about actually doing it, until one day, I had her put her profile up on Tinder.

Swinging on Tinder

From there, we enjoyed seeing the guys who thought they had a chance or who just really embarrassed themselves with dick pics (seriously, don’t send dick pics unless you are asked to). Her profile stated that she was married, which didn’t deter many men, and over time she adjusted her profile to indicate that we were in an open relationship and looking to swing. Then she wanted me to put my profile out there, so I did.

By that time, she had found a man and had started talking to him. Being a man, I didn’t get many replies on my profile (a few women offered to tell my wife what I was doing and gave her information to them, they never followed through). Over time, I started talking to a few different women, and we met a great couple that we have been dating for a while now. And a few other couples that we have met and kept in touch with.

“We were always open and honest with each other”

We started with a great base. We were always honest with each other, and we openly agreed that men and women always look at other people. They just don’t act on it. So if she were to see a cute woman that she knew I would think is sexy, she might point her out so that I could check her out as well. And likewise, I have pointed out men to her that I know she might find attractive.

We love to snuggle up and talk about sexual things that we do together or want to do with other people. We started off thinking we would be jealous but found that once we were there and things started, the jealousy faded away, and we enjoyed watching the other person get pleased. Our first experience ended with neither of us finishing (but the other couple both did), so something we started doing was to make sure we had sex afterward to ensure we both got satisfaction. It also allowed us time to talk about our “playtime.” We discuss what we liked and didn’t like, laugh about funny stuff that had happened, etc.…

“Communication is key”

Again it all started with us being open and honest with each other. Communication is the key to making it work. And just because your partner may not be into swinging today doesn’t mean that they will feel the same next week. Feelings change, and if you’re honest with each other, you will eventually find that common ground.


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