How Hotwifing Differs from Swinging

How Hotwifing Differs from Swinging

How hotwifing differs from swinging will be discussed in this blog post. Although you will often find hotwifing in the swinger community, hotwifing is a seperate thing from swinging which couples can practice without being classified as swingers.

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How Hotwifing Differs from Swinging

How Hotwifing Differs from Swinging

Comparing hotwifing vs. swinging is like drawing differences between Coke and Pepsi. They’re very similar and only a tad bit different on the surface. This article will explain the difference between hotwifing, swinging, and cuckolding. 

Hotwifing is the practice of a married woman sexually engaging with another man outside of her marriage. And no, it’s not called cheating. The difference here is the wife asks her husband, and her husband gives his consent and even encouragement in her exploring hotwifing situations.

Swinging is when both partners of a marriage or couple have sex outside of their marriage with each other’s consent. Swinging can spice things up in the bedroom when both parties don’t feel any pressure from their significant other. The couples enjoy role-playing, create exciting scenarios, and have fun doing all of this. What’s more, the couples even end up building lasting friendships with other swingers.

 What Else is Different?

In hotwifing, it’s important that the guy entering the relationship is compatible with the hotwife. For swinging, both couples have to be sexually compatible to enjoy their swapping experience together and avoid negative feelings like jealousy or insecurity. Swinging usually involves more socializing to find an excellent four-way connection with another couple.

Another thing to know is the play style of the couples. Do they want full swap sex or only soft swap with foreplay and oral attention? Some teams can’t figure out what they want or what will work best for them, which is often the most challenging part.

In hotwifing, the husband may be interested in personally witnessing his wife have her fun with other husbands, or only want to allow her to have her fun, but never see it.


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