Five Things Relationships Need to Have Before Swinging

Every once in a while, it’s good to review the basics of our relationships to build the best foundation. Below are five things relationships need to have before swinging.

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5 Things Relationships Need to Have Before Swinging


I’m going to start with the most essential aspect in any relationship: self-love. Nobody should be completing anybody. This implies that a person is not whole, to begin with. That someone or a relationship is filling a void. We should be complete before we meet our other half.
People shouldn’t set out looking outwardly to fill something they lack. It’s crucial to continue growing individually in a relationship and to learn more about who you are and accept yourself.


Nothing is more important in any relationship than communication. Relationships need to have good communication before becoming a swinger couple. You can survive (almost) anything if you have a good open line of communication.
The best way of communicating your thoughts and feelings is to speak in “I” statements. If you use too many “you” sentences, the other person can get defensive. So be honest with your partner about what you want and work together to support each other.


I think humor is super important in any relationship. Jonathan Miller suggests “humor was selected by evolution to keep our facility for categorization flexible. When we have a good laugh, we look at the world in a topsy-turvy configuration. This exercises our facility to flexibly redesign our relationships with one another and with reality.”

Whatever the reason for it, we like humor. People who laugh together stay together. It can be a release valve.
Humor releases tension and floods the brain with dopamine. It is essential, too, because it demonstrates shared values.

Humor also keeps things fresh. We laugh when something contrary to our thought process happens and it can be helpful in cooling anger and soothing arguments.



If you got married at 23 and are still together 20 years later, are you still the same person you were back then? I should hope not. It is good and natural to grow and change. Desires will also change or grow and these need to be discussed.

When you continue to create new memories with your partner, you continuously update your happy memories with them.

Emotional Support

Part of this is about being happy for the other person. You are showing that you care about them and their emotions. Studies have shown that those who more routinely turn positively toward each other’s bids are much happier.


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