First Time Swinging - Your place or theirs

First Time Swinging – Your Place or Theirs?

First Time Swinging – Your Place or Theirs?

Your first time swinging can be nerve-wracking, which is totally expected from doing something outside your norm. One of the things you will have to deal with is where you will meet your new friends. Do you invite them to your place or do you suggest theirs? Below we break down the pros and cons of hosting your sexy party or being invited around theirs for some… tea.

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Your Place

The benefits of hosting at your place mean that you’re in the comfort of your own home. If there are any issues, you can just end the party and ask the other couple to leave whenever you want. Another thing – you will feel more prepared because you can set up the room with lube and condoms or anything you’re going to need beforehand. You also won’t have to deal with walking into a dirty house and expected to get raunchy!

Some of the reasons couples starting out swinging may not want to host are because the couple you are inviting over will know where you live. If you’re okay with that, and you feel safe with these strangers that you’re inviting into your home, then that’s not such a big deal. You will also be the host – meaning ensuring that everyone is having a good time and that those stains come out of your carpet! Another con is you will be the ones left with the cleanup afterward.

 Before deciding to hook up with anyone else, have an honest conversation about sacred space. Many swinging couples prefer not to hook up in their own beds because they like to keep the bed as a place for just the two. If this is a concern, consider meeting somewhere else.


Their Place

So, what are the pros of going to their place? Well, first of all, you won’t have to deal with the cleanup afterward. Another is that your home address stays a secret and you don’t have to host the party, which means you can really focus on your first time! Plus, you can always decide to leave if you are in any way uncomfortable. 

However, going to their place may have some cons you should consider before decided. You don’t know how clean their house will be. This might not be an issue for some people but for others, they might not be able to perform if there’s rubbish stuck to their feet. Their house could be at quite a distance from yours, so if neither of you drives and you have to rely on public transport, this could also be an issue.


Other Options

There are, of course, other options than your place or theirs. Some couples may find attending a swingers club and meeting a couple there is the best route to their first experience. While others would prefer to get a hotel room with a couple they have met online. The hotel option can be good as it’s neutral ground and nobody has to clean up after. However, someone will have to pay, and you also have a time restriction.

Whichever you decide, make sure to communicate openly with your partner and the other swinger couple about your options before deciding. 


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