Feminism and Swinging

Feminism and Swinging

Feminism and Swinging go hand in hand when it comes to empowering women sexually. The definition of Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. This essentially means viewing men and women equal in all aspects of life – including your sexuality and your desires.

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Feminism and Swinging


Feminism and Swinging

Many people tend to believe that swinging is an entirely male-driven endeavor. They pity the women as they think they are obliged to get involved in a situation they don’t want. These assumptions are based on false misconceptions that no woman would ever like to participate in such a vulnerable activity, and no self-respecting woman would put herself forward in such a sexy way. In reality, feminism and swinging strongly go together because they empower women.

Swinging gives women the confidence, trust, and freedom they desire. No one is forced into anything. Swinging is about couples deciding what is best for their relationship using their terms and personal rules.


Empowering Women

Most women recall the first time they went swinging and how they felt, and most women remember the first time they became aware they were feminists and how it made them feel.

There are several things in common between these two concepts. For example, women feel empowered. They feel like they are ready to control their lives, feel strong, and possibly for the first time, they feel like they are now listening to their desires. Swinging and feminism both place high importance on respect and consent. Women have a clear and loud voice and are not afraid to let the world know about them.


Freedom to Explore

Swinging creates opportunities for same-sex exploration. It is very supportive of women exploring their curiosity. So, if a woman has ever been interested in having sex or any other form of intimacy with another woman, and she hasn’t done it because she fears there would be societal repercussions, swinging can become her safe place to explore her bisexual side.

There will be no criticisms, stigmatization, or questioning of the choices made by either a male or female in the world of swinging. A woman reclaiming her sexual prowess and desires is a feminist.


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