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Fears People Have About Swinging

Many things can hold people back from trying out the swinger lifestyle. You might often find couples curious about swinging, but something in their minds stops them from taking the following steps. Often, not knowing can be more painful than actually trying it and deciding whether or not you like it.

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fears people have about swinging

So What Are the Fears People Have About Swinging?


Shame.. such a dirty word. Shame can play a considerable role in keeping people from dipping their toes in the scene. With the way you are raised, you might not feel like you can explore your sexuality. Learning more about what encompasses shame can really help you get over this obstacle. A book by Brené Brown, “I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t)“, is a great read for anyone trying to overcome shame. In “I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t),” Brown shows us the importance of our imperfections in building healthy relationships with others and with ourselves.

How We Will Be Perceived

A lot of times, the media portray swingers as bad or dirty. There are negative connations that surround open sexuality. People fear being perceived as deviant. A lot of times, that’s the reason why swingers don’t share their relationship with friends or family. They have a fear of how they will be viewed. This perception can also come from how we were raised and our belief system. If we are brought up a certain way, like religiously, that can influence how we view sexuality.

Our Belief Systems

The belief system is a big one people express as being the main thing to hold them back from trying. Religion, a lot of the time, is pretty controlling about sexuality. For people raised like this into adulthood, trying something different outside of what you’re taught can be a difficult thing to do.

There is so much information to research out there to find out if swinging is for you. You can find groups who are also curious about it and people in the Lifestyle and ask questions such as how they deal with their perceptions and overcome their fears. You may find that the perception that you have about swinging is wrong.

Overcoming Fear

Excellent communication is also vital to help you overcome some of these fears and misconceptions holding you back from going into it further. It’s something outside the box of how most people are raised. It’s going to be different and a little scary.
Being involved with a group, attending a swingers club, and reading articles like this one online are ways to overcome your fear of getting started. Knowledge is power. The more you know about a subject, the better you are to decide whether it’s something you want to try.






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