Covid and Swingers – Missing the Swingers Club

The world has been shut down for the past year due to Covid-19 and a lot of swinger couples are missing the swingers clubs and resorts where they would usually go to get a little wild. We took to Reddit to see what memories members of the swingers community were sharing as we all await the re-opening of society.

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Missing the Swingers Clubs

“The thing I miss most is an environment where the women feel safe and comfortable enough to express their boldness. I loved walking around a party with my wife, both bottomless, striking up conversations, and out of nowhere, a woman would just start playing with me.

We were standing in a small group once chatting when suddenly one of the ladies started gently touching me. We all kept talking, and she was talking and smiling, looking at us, and bouncing me around until I was erect; then we all just wandered off. The fact that nobody even mentioned it was so remarkable.

There was the woman who sat in my lap and gave me a little lap dance, then went on upstairs. Never saw her before, never saw her again.
There was a friend who knelt down and buried her giggling face between my wife’s legs and then sat down, and we all talked like nothing happened. Casually having my dick grabbed like a handshake when being introduced, smooched, tickled, brushed up against, and toasted with a cocktail are some of my hottest memories of those parties—silly, dumb, quick, casual interactions with happy women.

I wonder if we’re ever going to one of those parties again?”

We’re hopeful that the answer to that question is yes!


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