Best messages for couples to use on swinger dating sites

Best First Messages for Couples to Use on Swinger Dating Sites

So, you and your partner have signed up to a dating site and set up your profile, now what? You need to go through the site together and find people who you both are interested in meeting. The next step is writing a message to the other swinger couple or single to express your interest. We have you covered with what to say without three best first messages for couples to use on swinger dating sites.

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Best messages to use for couples of swinger dating sites



 Best First Messages For Couples to Use on Swinger Dating Sites

Sending the first message on any dating site is difficult. Sending one on a swingers internet dating website can add an extra element of nerves to an already touchy situation by requiring some social cues most people don’t necessarily have. Sending a message as a couple can be more of a relief than sending one as a single, but it’s also a situation that most people have never been in before. You can’t just trot out old first date messages that went well, not when the current situation is so different from others…right?


When contacting another swinger couple or maybe a single, it’s essential to let these people know three things upfront.


1. You have read their profile.

2. Introduce yourself (single guy, single girl, couple, etc.)

3. A lead-in.


Don’t just tell people you have read their profile, put a little effort into finding something that makes you compatible with the person or people you’re contacting. This usually works well as a lead-in to give the person you’re interested in an easy subject to reply to. It shouldn’t just be a yes or no answer.


Here’s an example a couple might write to a single girl:


“Hi, Stacey,

My husband and I can’t help but notice how much fun you seem to be having in your photos at the carnival. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a new one opening up just north of the city. Here’s a picture of us, by the way. Hope to hear from you soon!

Peter and Sally”


Notice the lead-in?  We’ve given Stacey something to talk about. Even if she doesn’t like carnivals that much, at least it’s a way to start a conversation on safe, neutral grounds.



Here’s an example of a more direct email you can send to a single male:


“Hi, Jack,

You seem like the kind of guy who’s “down for anything,” according to your profile. We’re a married couple in our late 20s, and we want to know if that extends to sushi. We have a bet going on the answer!

Pat and Monica”


This is a more straightforward email and is more obvious that the couple is asking the guy out. It also makes the couple seem more fun and approachable and it gives him something to say in his response.


Here’s an example of an email a couple may send another couple to get the conversation started:

“Hi, Rory and Mia,

My wife and I had no idea there were other sailing enthusiasts in our area, let alone a couple interested in swinging! Do you like going to shows? There’s a great one coming up next week if you’re interested. Hope to hear from you soon,

Pat and Monica”

Notice how the couple gives the other a lead-in by expressing their interest in sailing and inviting the couple to attend a show with them.



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