How to Meet Swingers Without Using Dating Sites

Best Dating Apps For Couples

Looking for the best dating apps for couples? Look no further! Today’s post is for couples and swingers alike who want to meet other couples for fun, friendship, and maybe more! Whether it’s meeting other like-minded folks involved in the Lifestyle or looking for a single to introduce to your playtime, these apps are where to go!

Best Dating Apps For Couples

Depending on why you and your other half want to join a couples dating site will influence which app you should use. If you would like to be introduced to the swinging Lifestyle and chat with other experienced and novice swingers, then our very own Blaxity App is for you. If you guys are looking more so for a singleton to join your duo, then a site like OkCupid would be a good go-to. 

Dating Apps to Meet Other Couples 


Obviously, our own dating app has to be the first on our list!  With Blaxity, singles and couples here share similar Lifestyles. They are all open-minded and want to try new things in life. Blaxity is the perfect place if you and your partner are new or curious about the swinging Lifestyle. We have many new members who are just learning about the Lifestyle and curious to see if it is a good fit for them and their partner. If you don’t think you’re ready to download the Blaxity app, consider joining our telegram group, where you can get updated about events.

Dating App for Couples



OkCupid is another great dating site for couples. You can meet other couples here, too, but most people use this app when they’re looking to find a casual threesome. Single people use these websites to meet couples and singles they wouldn’t find on standard dating apps, like Tinder. Although recently, the number of couple profiles on Tinder is growing. However, the majority of these profiles. 


Datings Apps for Couples to Strengthen their Relationship

Love Nudge

Love Nudge is a great dating app for couples who want to strengthen their relationship. You take the Love Language quiz to find out what kind of way you and your partner express love, and you can discuss future goals, plans, routines and check to see how much of their “love tank” is full. It really is a great app to understand your partner’s love needs. 


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