The Benefits of Morning Sex

Sex is one of the most gratifying experiences you can have with another. Morning sex especially can be a great way to start your day. In today’s post, we will be discussing the benefits of morning sex in all types of relationships.

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Benefits of Morning Sex

The Benefits of Morning Sex 

The benefits of morning sex are endless really. Aside from being a great way to start your day and get your blood pumping in the morning, morning sex also helps reduce anxiety, strengthens your immune system, and also increases intimacy between you and your partner(s).

Reduces Anxiety

As the brain considers any sexual activity as a reward, having sex in the morning can reduce your stress levels for the day ahead. Having sex in the morning is usually the perfect time for intimacy as your brain is rested and isn’t totally switched on yet. Having an orgasm releases endorphins throughout your body that kills stress hormones. Even if you don’t orgasm, the benefits of morning sex include boosting dopamine and serotonin ( happy hormones)  production which boosts your mood and can help set you up for a great day.


Strengthens Your Immune System

Getting down and dirty in the sheets before starting your day also helps strengthen your immune system. We know that when having sex happy hormones are released that reduces anxiety. These hormones can also help strengthen your immune system. According to sexual health experts, people who have regular sex tend to take fewer sick days.

It can also help lower your blood pressure and improve your physical fitness as sex is technically exercise! A 2013 study showed that men burn an average of 4.2 calories per minute and women burn an average of 3.1 calories per minute while engaged in sexual activity. When you start your day off with some sexy fun you will burn more fat, consume fewer calories and sleep better at night.


Increases Intimacy

Morning sex can really increase the emotional as well as physical intimacy between you and your partner(s). Although it’s not a special pill to swallow to fix relationship problems, according to a Mattress Advisor survey, happier and more satisfied couples typically had more morning sex each month compared to dissatisfied couples.

Having a snuggle with your partner post-sex is so comforting and intimate because oxytocin, a chemical released during intercourse, heightens the feelings of oneness and intimacy.

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