Facts about the Swinger Lifetsyle

7 Facts About Swingers

These 7 facts about swingers in the swinger lifestyle will help you find out all you need to know about what makes swinging so alluring!

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facts about swinger lifestyle


More Open And Honest With Their Partners

A study by the University of Michigan showed that swinger couples had significantly higher levels of trust and openness when compared to monogamous relations. Statistics show around 20% of all married individuals will cheat on their spouses. Swinger couples are more honest about their desires and attraction to others in the swinger’s lifestyle. They have no reason to be dishonest about their wishes. 


They Have Their Own Language

People in the swingers lifestyle have their own terminology and language. Individuals outside of the lifestyle are referred to as “vanilla” in the swing community. This secret communication is helpful when you want to discuss the lifestyle in the company of vanillas or when introducing couples to one another in public.


They Go On Swingers Couples Dates

Although the media often presents swingers meeting in sex-wild swingers clubs and having orgies, most swinger couples meet each other online or at a swinger meet and greet. After a connection is formed, swinger couples will go on a double date. We all know how tough it is to find one person you like and have a successful first date. Multiply that by four! It is hard to find compatible people in the lifestyle. However, swinger couples often find it well worthwhile


They Have More Orgasms Than Vanilla Couples

A survey of 1,200 people in the swinger lifestyle reported less than 5% of women and 1% of men had never reaching climax while swinging in the past year. That doesn’t even consider their bedroom life with their committed partner outside of the lifestyle. Up to 25% of the female population has trouble reaching climax, and men over the age of 50 also have significant problems with orgasms. It’s safe to say, then, that swingers in the lifestyle are reaching completion more frequently than monogamous partners. 


More Likely To Practice Safer Sex

Couples in the swinger lifestyle are more open with one another when discussing past sexual partners. They are more active under the sheets than monogamous couples. They are often better at practicing safe sex and much more likely to get tested regularly for STIs. They are also less likely to drink alcohol or use drugs before an encounter which helps when in the moment!


There Is A Lot Less Jealousy Compared To Monogamous Relationships

Couples in the swingers lifestyle have more mental flexibility and far less worried about their partner being unfaithful. Monogamous couples that aren’t honest or satisfied with each other about their sexual appetites often seek fulfillment outside of their relationship without consent.


The Emotional Health Of Their Marriage Is Taken Much More Seriously

Most swinger couples don’t live the swingers lifestyle 24/7 for the rest of their lives, they take breaks from swinging to reconnect with one another and work on their personal life or raise families. Some couples return to the non-monogamous bedroom life. In contrast, others decide their relationship has evolved or outgrown the swingers scene. However, many couples make lifelong friends and continue as such with or without the bedroom activities.


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